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KOLPAK 2 Machines for automatic packing
Machines for automatic packing from the KOLPAK assortments are aimed for packing of the grain, powder and piece goods and liquids.
The goods are packed into all kinds of thermo-welded foils depending on the customers wish and material being packed.

The machines appear in their standard version in one or two packing lines, which clearly increases the capacity of the machine.
The machines are aimed for the vertical packing and we differentiate them into two groups:
  • one purpose – aimed o pack just one sort of goods
  • more purpose – which are universal (you just have to change the dozer and still use the same machine)

Different dozers are mounted on the basic machines which are divided into groups according to:
  • dosing volume
  • sort and shape of goods being packed:
  •      - for the grained goods (sugar, poppy, pepper etc.)
         - for the powdered goods (baking-powder, chocolate powder, pudding powder, cappuccino, milk-powder etc.)
         - for liquids (shampoo, ketchup, honey, cream etc.)
         -  for goods in pieces (candies, sachets etc)
The standard machines can also pack into different kinds of packages – depending on the shape of foil and the basic types are:
 - the shape with four welded sides
 - the shape with three welded sides

The shapes can be adjusted according to the customer"s wish.

All the parts of the machines, which get in touch with the media, are made of stainless steel / stainless steel for alimentary purposes.

The packing machines are designed according to your order, so that we can fulfill all customers' needs.

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